just a mess over all.

Susy Baranszky-Job grew up on the west side of Vancouver, British Columbia and now lives in the coastal village of Ladner. She has been creating art forever and ever, and has been a visual art educator in the public and independent high school systems for over thirty years. She possesses a Diploma of Fine Arts, a Bachelor of Studio Art, a B.ED in visual art education, a Masters in Arts Education, and a post masters Advanced Diploma in Art Therapy.  In addition to working in her Messy Mind studio and as a high school art teacher, she has a private art therapy practice :  Soleil Art Therapy

As an artist, she primarily paints on canvas with acrylic and oil, but also enjoys getting her hands dirty with a fabulous ball of clay. Her work has been sold through private and public galleries, commercial retail stores, art cooperatives, and by commission. Boating in the waters off the coast, spotting wildlife at cabins, getting lost abroad, dragging geriatric dogs about, and obsessively loving her brilliant family all contribute to the visual musings of her messy

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