Giving back…and is it art?

What do I have to give back to the world with? After a summer of retrospection and introspection about what it means to have a skill that might be used generously I have decided that my secret passion of dog portraits is my avenue of real growth in giving. Yes, I know, dog portraits are considered a bit low on the wrung of “important” art, but what is important art and what makes one an “artist”? Art is supposed to transport, elevate, create sensation, evoke and add to the world in a meaningful way, whether that be through naughtily provoking or creating a beautiful transformative moment, and a “true” artist is the one who merely creates this art. As one who happens to create and connects greatly with her four legged family members I understand that the cliché of such art is exists, but have decided not to care by honouring the root of the action. A portrait of a creature that connects with us deeply, loves us, and gives back to us endlessly can, indeed, be a transformative, meaningful form of art that transports and evokes. So… I offer my dog portrait love by giving this back to my community, furry or smooth; if you have a cause that connects you and I, and this cause involves raising money through auction please visit my “Giving Back” page for details about how we can help one another give back to our communities, creating darn good Karma as we do it.

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