anyone want a painting and to give back to the world at the same time?

A piece of art only becomes alive when someone loves it-much like the story of the “Velveteen Rabbit.” by Margery Williams. I have been creating art for so long now; I have sold pieces in private and public galleries, stores, co-operatives and by commission. I have participated in group shows, I have been juried into shows and I have won the odd award or two in those shows. I have been written about in publications, and, most importantly, I have been bragged about to numerous very patient people by those closest to me, especially my long suffering manager, my husband.

Now, I love to create- I don’t much like the rest of the formerly mentioned aspects of being an artist. Awards and accolades, and although they are appreciated at the time, do not serve to inspire me; in fact, often my muse just curls up in a dark corner with a People magazine and a glass of cheap box wine with too much of the latter. I am not going to lie, being paid for my art work is lovely, and some artworks will still be for sale.

I don’t know a lot of things…but I do know that I want a number of things to happen with my artistic practice: I want to create without being boxed in and stifled by market whims, galleries that charge 50% commission and the promise of a tidy sum. I want people to have my work who appreciate it, not necessarily just those who can afford it. I want my work to be alive in someone’s home, not lined up in my studio floor or held hostage at a singular place. I want any purchace money to go towards making the world a better place, and not just my very real and seducing world of my boot fetishes and mounting domestic debt (the latter can happily be ignored I have discovered much to the chagrin of some).

So, here are the two ways I want to change the way my art lives in the real world, not the elite world, or more commonly my closet you will find these under the subpages under “Painting it Forward” and then, ” Painting and Karma” and “Doggy style and Auctions”.

Painting and Karma: Acquire a painting through a donation to your favourite charity that supports the environment, animal and/or human rights. Each image you see on this page is available – ignore the sticker price. If you want it I will put it aside once we have made contact. Before you own it, you have to click on the image and write in the blogs space your charity information including the registered number, link etc so that people see that that painting actually helped a place, person or animal. Painting it forward with a painting that speaks to you.

Doggy Style and Auctions: For this option, send me your information if you are conducting or know of a silent auction in need of items. I donate a commissioned dog portrait, your charity gets the money and the successful bidder gets a portrait of their pooch. Best thing about this is I get to paint a fabulous creature.

Rule for both: The only real catch, for very few I am sure, is that no neo nazi’s, homophobes, misogynists, need apply, please. I will have to pre-approve the registered charity just to make sure it is aligned with my beliefs in general.

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