Treasure Hunters and Canadian Universities Overseas (CUSO) …treasure in the form of sharing skills and ideas abroad.

The new owner of this painting says: “I chose to give to Cuso at this time because the Canadian government is matching gifts, 9 to 1. I thought this was a marvelous opportunity to support development in places where it was needed.”

CUSO stands for Canadian university services overseas. Each year, Cuso sends hundreds of volunteers to work on collaborative development projects in more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, Latin America, and the Caribbean.


•Long-term overseas volunteering – professional placements for up to two years. Cuso International volunteers help build social infrastructure by passing on their expertise. They come from both developed and developing nations.
•Short-term specialist assignments – positions of six months and under for highly experienced professionals who provide support at senior levels. They come from both developed and developing nations.
•Developing world ‘National Volunteering’ – support for in-country volunteering, helping people contribute to the development of their own communities. VSO does not run these programs but rather supports local agencies that provide volunteer opportunities.
•Diaspora communities volunteering – support for people interested in using their skills in their countries of birth or heritage.
•Development partnerships – strategic alliances with select business partners, and tri-party linkages among organizations in the developing world and like-minded groups in North America.
•LINKS (Learning through International Networking and Knowledge Sharing) – a program that gives partner groups the chance to go to another country to learn and share best practices.
•Public engagement in North America – using the knowledge gained at the grassroots of international development to raise awareness of, and action on, global issues at home.

Name: Cuso
Registration Number: 118881192RR0001
Designation: Charitable Organization
Category: Support of schools/Education

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