Collaborative Art Project  “Big Reveal Party”  Friday May 6th  Muddy River Landing 7 pm 

The project aim was for local artists to create
a self portrait using the medium of their choice that showed their artistic style and captured the essence of who they are.

Individual pieces were then assembled together to form one.  This piece includes the original work of 21 of our artists and a variety of mediums including photography, digital art, encaustic, collage, oil and acrylic paint.

Come out and see the final piece “I-Selfie”

a collection of work by artists:
Rick Pelletier, Irina Florov, Megan MacDonald, Anita Devos, Cynthia Cleator, Wendy Morosoff-Smith, Mary Ann Burrows, Trisha MacLean, Jan Rankin, Janice MacLean, Susy Baransky-Job, Susanne Szabo, Carolyn Drew, Linda Jones, Kathy Swift, Meg Neufeld, Dorthe Eisenhardt, Adrienne Parsons, Tyler Garnham and Ronan Considine.  
Selfie 1
Selfie 1, oil on canvas, 10 by 10

Piece will be revealed at 7:30 pm.  Come out and enjoy a glass of wine and mingle with the artists.

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