Please click on individual images for slide show and more information-hover for a quick snap shot. I have arranged these as groupings, but many leap into one another thematically. Thank you for spending time with the musings of my messy mind…

Play time…A series of  very small studies in my transition time away from Shiny Complications and during time as an art therapy student who just needs to doodle. I think that a new series might emerge from these works at some point, however.

Shiny Complications and Tangled Things…There is a possibility that if one ceases to continually hack through personal brambles to find the path it might be noticed that, indeed, truth lives in the untidy and impenetrable. My current work is inspired by my life long attempts to untangle complications only to discover, again and again, that there is no coveted gold string to lead me to clarity. My current feeling is that peace of mind exists amidst our tangled complications, not outside of them. My images explore complicated lines and glimmers of gold and light; I suspect I paint this way as a means to tangibly actualize my dense and confused musings of, well, everything really. I do know that I experience peace of mind as lay down, and down again, these repetitive lines, and that I understand true delight when the light shines through these ~ perhaps this is enough…

Crows, Poppies and Treasures…This exploration delved into covetousness, want and shiny things. This series evolved from poppies to crows with poppies to crows, poppies and nests…and then took of to the tangled series you see above.

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