A piece of art only becomes alive when someone loves it-much like the story of ” The Velveteen Rabbit.” by Margery Williams where upon a stuffed rabbit becomes whole when he is truly loved by his human, not merely possessed. I have sold pieces in private and public galleries, stores, co-operatives and by commission. I have participated in group shows, I have been juried into shows, and I have won the odd award or two. Now,I love to create, but despite the need for it, I don’t much like the business of art; it does not serve to inspire me. In fact, often my moody muse just curls up in a dark corner with a People magazine and a glass of cheap box wine when the business of art is too much with me.

Actually, I am only able to create when I am not being boxed in by the business of art, which does create some difficulties; but, I do want people to have my work who appreciate it, not necessarily just those who can afford it. I want my work to be alive in someone’s home and loved, just like the Velveteen Rabbit. Despite always loving a new pair of boots and feeding my family, I also want what I earn through art making to go towards making the world a better place. So, here are the two ways I want to change the way my art lives on while practicing the true art of giving freely:

Brushing it Forward and Rabbits: Acquire a painting indicated on this portion for the site  through a donation to your favourite charity that supports the environment, animal and/or human rights. Each image you see on this page is available  – ignore the sticker price. If you want it I will put it aside once we have made contact. Before you own it, you have to click on the image and write in the blogs space your information about your charity, why it means something to you. In addition, you must include the registered number and link so that people see that that painting is making a difference in the world and can learn about your chosen charity too.

Brushing it forward and Doggy Style: For this option, send me your information if you are conducting, or know of, a silent auction in need of items.It goes like this – I donate a commissioned dog portrait, your charity gets the money and the successful bidder gets a portrait of their pooch. Best thing about this is I get to paint a fabulous creature.

The only catch is the charities need to be registered and aligned with my own values. In other words, no neo-Nazi, sexist, pro-animal abuse types please. I don’t much like xenophobes or homophobes either.

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