Paintings with Karma

Here is how it works: you donate a sum of your choice to a registered charity that supports the environment, animal and/or human rights and you get your selected painting in return. All you have to do is indicate what painting you want by contacting me-I will put it aside for you. First come first serve. You then click on the image and write on the space provided to record the name of your charity, what it stands for and why it matters to you. Then post it’s charity number and the link-your name and donation amount is optional. You get the painting, a charity receives support and coverage and my paintings get to live on your wall, to become alive through the act of adding something positive to the world, not just taking, just choose one that speaks to you. If you live outside of the lower mainland you will be in charge of the charges of delivery-it will be sent to you cash on delivery.

Just wave the curser over the image and it will tell you if it is sold or available. Click on the image and discover what charity it is contributing to.

This will evolve as more paintings leave and more arrive-stay tuned. Here are the current works:


  1. A refreshing concept which brings art to a place that transcends the elitism of the “Gallery World” and to the people for the people!

    Thank you Suzy
    Marlene Miller

    1. Thank you Marlene! A painting only comes to life when it speaks to someone and they speak back to it, not when it necessarily can only go to those who can afford…I am glad you appreciate the spirit of this initiative.

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